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Writer. Author. Thinker. Storyteller. Lover of naps and coffee.

First and foremost, I'm a native of the great state of Virginia, I currently live in Minnesota, I'm an Iraq War Veteran who happens to be very anti-war, and I'm also someone recovering from a lifetime of religious indoctrination. I like politics, work in the Social Services field, and am always up for coffee or a nap. 

Regarding my poetic works, much of it revolves around my time as a devout Christian, a forlorn loner, a love-sick fool, a soldier realizing the insanity of war in the middle of a battlefield, and coming out of all of that more critical, cynical and with a much different view of America and patriotism, to say the least. 

I like big ideas, big feelings, and big issues. I try to be real with everyone and with every interaction I have, sometimes to my detriment.  

Please feel free to read some of my poetry under the 'Poems' tab, check out a few of my published articles, and my WordPress Blog link is around here somewhere, where I chronicle my journey so far regarding getting my first book of poetry published, and what I'm learning along the way regarding being someone endeavoring to more creative.

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A Bit About Me

My Story

Writing has always been been my refuge and way of dealing with life and the world. 

It started with short stories and journaling; and it progressed into poetry and journalism and blogging pursuits. 

While I am still working on finding my niche in the writing world, I'm always trying to remain consistent with the basics and fundamentals of poetry and journaling.  


Shadowland America: Collaborative Poetry and visual arts project

November 2019

‘Shadowland America’ is the cumulative effort of poems that cover various phases and experiences of my life, and the visual stylings and talents of my dear friends Alicia Holder (Lili) and Amber Filkins. This project delves into everything from my youth to the present day; various traumas and first loves; the innocence and evolution of a defiant faith; and the results of a fragile faith and devotion to Country being tempered and evolved by military service and philosophical struggles that could no longer remain within a cohesive union.

Amber and Alicia bring their skills and their own interpretations to these poems in a way that I couldn't do visually, to create not only a snapshot of each poem but works of art that stand on their own merits.

"Writing is the geometry of the soul"


On the Desk

Get In Touch

One of the greatest perks with this new endeavor is learning all the time, and hearing back from others regarding their thoughts and ways that I can support or help them with their own creative pursuits. Contact me if you’ve got any comments or questions for me, I’d love to hear from you.

I'm always working on improving the ways I connect with folks, so please let me know how you'd like to receive news and updates, especially about the upcoming book project. 

North Minneapolis, MN

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