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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Shadowland America

There is a Shadowland America,
That I am trapped within
Hanging in Limbo between Life and Death,
Between Hating my Country 
And Hating Myself.

If it were possible to only pledge Allegiance 
to what this Nation was supposed to be, 
instead of what it now is, 
Then that is where my loyalty would lie. 
And now my life’s work consists of righting the wrongs and wars we have waged, both against others and ourselves.

There are broken hearts, America, 
those of your sons and daughters, America, 
who swore an oath to defend and to serve, 
never knowing that some we trusted would have the nerve, to lead us to our needless deaths by the thousands, America, 
bleeding us dry, America,
until the petrol we pump now consists of both pricey oil and priceless blood, 
until the crimes we committed in the names of Justice and Liberty revealed us for tyrants, and not saints, 
until we come home in mental body bags if not physical ones, America.
There is a refuse-land, America,
Where you discard us all,
with a smile and a handshake.

We weep for you, America,
Because your pitiful ignorance is such a hard spell to break.

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